You’re Not Going To Believe Whats Inside This Iphone 6 Case
author by July 29th 2016 in Memes


TurtleCell iPhone case


Watch this three and half minute informative but entertaining video reviewing the TurtleCell iPhone case for the iPhone 6. There are many cases out there for the iPhone, but this funky little cases packs a punch and includes a feature that many others don’t – retractable headphones. Never again will you be stuck wanting to listen to something on your phone only to be surrounded with others who probably don’t share your need. Leaving your headphones behind on the bus will no longer matter as with this ingenious little case, the headphones are already there! And, for all you techies out there, it also comes equipped with Kevlar fibres, so is going to be well built and made to last. The headphones are easily retractable and go back in with ease and the sound quality is good too. There is also a kickstand on the back of the case for easy mounting when you want to blast out the tunes. The only thing that really lets this case down is the size. It is quite big for an iPhone case, but once you get over that, with all the other funky features that it has it is actually a really handy product.