Philip DeFranco Reports On The Developing Situation Around Fellow Vlogger Marina Joyce
author by July 30th 2016 in Videos


Philip DeFranco reports on the developing situation around fellow vlogger  Marina Joyce, whose recent comments sparked a social media storm that spilled over into the global press. After Joyce recently issued a mass invitation to a party, conspiracy theories were quick to circulate, alleging that Marina Joyce was being abused, had a drug problem, had been kidnapped, or even that an event she had announced was actually a planned ISIS attack. This led the police to visit Joyce at her home in the UK, later publically confirming that she was fine.


Philip DeFranco reports on the developing situation around fellow vlogger Marina Joyce


Philip DeFranco voices the opinion that Marina is struggling with a drug problem or mental health issue, based on the information he claims to have received from sources close to Marina, who do not wish to be publically named. However, he also admits the possibility that Marina is simply going through a stressful time, and advises her to get whatever help she needs to get through it.


Other news in the video include a waitress caught out for a racist tweet after failing to receive a tip from a customer; Donald Trump’s appeal to Russia to find the “30,000 missing emails”; a Chinese woman killed by a tiger in a wildlife park; and a court ruling that a man taking “upskirt” photos did not break any existing laws in the state of Georgia.


The original video of  Marina.