Did You Know DJ Khaled Before He Was Famous? Michael McCrudden Has Shed Light on This Eccentric Celebrity’s Past
author by August 7th 2016 in Videos


Michael explains DJ Khaled’s ascent to becoming one of the most well-known celebrities in America. DJ Khaled, or Khaled Mohamed Khaled, is a child of Palestinian immigrants to the USA.

Khaled’s rise to fame started after he fell in love with hip-hop music and rap, inspired by his musician parents. After working on College Radios, and throwing wild parties, his name started to circulate in the public. He was also known under the pseudonyms Big Dog Pitbull, The Don Dada, Mr. Miami, and Arab Attack–which he dropped after the 9/11.

During his work at College Radio and The Luke Show–on Pirate Radio–he came into contact with various musicians including Drake, Lil Wayne, Snoop Dogg, Ludacris. This inclined him to host his own radio show in 2003 on 99 Jamz FM which became the most successful radio station in Southern Florida.

His record Hold You Down became #1 urban record in the country. He has a sex tape and has proposed to Nicki Minaj with half-a-million dollar ring.