Jimmy Fallon and Matt Damon Plays a Fun Game of “Box of Lies”
author by August 3th 2016 in Videos


Jimmy Fallon challenged Matt Damon to a game of “Box of Lies”, the aim of which is to fool your opponent. Players sit with a screen between them and remove an object from a mysterious box, visible to only one of the players. The player then tells the other person what object in the box was. They may be lying, or they may be telling the truth. The other person has to guess which it is.


Matt Damon started the game off by pulling a bonsai tree full of gnomes out of his mysterious box. He tried hard to convince Jimmy Fallon that the box had actually contained a slinky with a long nose on it, but to no avail. Jimmy Fallon saw through Damon’s poker face and caught out the slinky Pinocchio as a lie.


Fallon then proceeded to pull his own strange object from another box – in his case, a glass piggy bank full of shrimp. He told Damon that he had actually discovered a paperweight depicting Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump and Justin Bieber in a hot tub together. Damon obviously thought the idea was too good to be a lie, so he guessed “true” and lost the game.


Jimmy Fallon emerged the clear winner in this contest, proving once and for all that the TV talk show host is a far better liar than the award-winning actor.