Secret Tricks and Facts About Minecraft: You Probably Don’t Know You Can Do This in Minecraft
author by August 1th 2016 in Videos


The video starts by explaining Markus “Notch” Persson conceived the idea of Minecraft inspired by his early game called RubyDung. The narrator then explains other games that also influenced Minecraft as we know it today.
The initial game was called “Minecraft: Order of the Stone” based on the “Order of the Stick” webcomic. The narrator also reveals a fun fact how the Creepers were made–by Notch mistakingly reversing the x and y-axes of a pig making it stand vertically.
The second part of the video reveals secret messages–like the symbols on the enchantment table which are letters of the “Galactic Alphabet” from the Commander King Series–and links with other games–such as Counter Strike, Mario, King’s Quest, Donkeykong, etc.
The video ends with a cool cheat that allows you to flip mob creatures if you name them “Dinnerbone” or “Grumm” which is a reference to Minecraft’s developers.