Deadpool Rising to the Challenge at Comic-Con 2016
author by July 31th 2016 in Videos

As the annual San-Diego Comic-Con 2016 kicks off again this year, out come all the superheroes, including Batman, Wonderwoman, Captain America and even little ol’ Pokemon! So, what better time could there ever possibly be for the antihero’s to come out? And what better antihero is there than the crazy Deadpool?!
Deadpool dares again at Comic-Con 2016 in San Diego as he terrorises even the toughest of superheroes. Surrounded by the most famous superheroes known to mankind, Deadpool makes his way through the crowds in this fantastic video challenging anyone that will dare to cross his path, and even some that don’t have a choice!
Who can resist a bit of the crazy, but strangely loveable, Deadpool? Watch this side-splittingly funny video as the best captured moments of this years San Diego Comic-Con are revealed right here. Not afraid to take on anyone including Nightwing and Blade, see Deadpool showcase in this hilarious 4 and a half minute compilation that is guaranteed to make you want to join in. Watch as Deadpool shows off all his best moves and takes the comic world by storm! You will not be disappointed!