6 Horrifying and Dangerous Situations Caught On Camera
author by March 23th 2016 in lists

source: youtube

1. Stuck in a Cave

One of the worst fears people may have is claustrophobia. Unfortunately, when cavers experience this situation, and get stuck in a cave, it can lead to death. They are often alone, making even their last cries for help useless, unable to reach anyone. As it can be seen on this video, water may enter the cave, and further increase the danger of the situation. Cavers or anyone else who is stuck, can only drown, or die from long and painful starvation.

2. Diving Accidents

Base jumping and skydiving can be very dangerous things as this video shows. Base jumping is different from skydiving since people jump from fixed structure or cliff, instead of an airplane. The first clip features a jump from a structure, it is clear – that person is horrified! It’s so obvious that his hands are shaking, preparing for a jump from 400 feet height isn’t a child’s play. The incident occurs, and his parachute fails to slow the motion of his fall…however, luckily, this person is saved by snow, which completely absorbed the impact of a fall. Only minor injuries were caused. The next clip is taken on GoPro attached to 27-year-old Canadian skydiver. It shows us another example of what can happen when parachute doesn’t work as it’s supposed to do. When parachute gets deployed at about 3 000 feet height, its lines get twisted. As his tries to untangle the parachute fail, he switches to plan B, which involves getting rid of the messed up parachute and using the other one. After jumping from a cliff, the woman in the video fails to open her parachute, and even though tree branches lessen the impact of the fall, ends up dying on the way to the hospital, according to sources. The last video about the dangers of skydiving shows us a man who picked the wrong cliff…it wasn’t steep enough and he ends up hitting it, but afterward, his parachute has opened and he survives.

3. Bear encounter

Walking through the forest can be a pretty exciting experience. However, once someone encounters a bear there, it could turn into a disaster. Bears are very big, and their strength far surpassed other animals. They are fast as well, but contradictory to the popular belief, bears aren’t aggressive towards people. The next few clips in this video feature a dog walking a dog that spots a bear cubs and their mother and starts running towards them. Even though its owner tells his dog to come back, it starts barking. Being aware of the clear difference in strength, bears don’t get upset, and only start a fake charge which makes a dog run away as fast as he possibly can.

4. Cops gone wild

Their job is to take care of peace and protect people. They carry guns, and bullets hurt. Humans are emotional beings, and once something causes panic, their actions can be quite surprising.
This video features a mother and her kids driving in a car and getting stopped by a police officer. As a mother doesn’t want to pay a ticket or go to the court, she tries to escape from an officer, clearly expecting that he won’t follow her. However, this only adds up and creates a series of unfortunate events that included gun shots, police backup, and a short kid vs police officer fight.

5. Shark attacks

Sharks are the reason why some of the people won’t even get into the ocean. They can certainly be dangerous, both their speed and maneuvering ability in the water far surpasses those of a human being. Their reputation might not well deserve since only 1 death and 50 shark attacks happen per year. But once an attack starts, ugly things happen.
Pregnant shark, which got nervous and attacked a human during a routine check-up, and a woman who lost her leg during a shark attack, are shown in this video.

6. Death Road

Driving through a dangerous steep road is something you want to do while 100% focused. Even a small mistake can lead to falling off a cliff and death.