Man Assaulted By A Crazy Lady While Asking For A Refund
author by August 2th 2016 in Videos

A man demanding a refund “for a terrible haircut” from his hair salon got more than he bargained for when he became embroiled in an altercation with a fellow client. In the video, the man is seen arguing with a woman at the salon. The woman claims to have a law degree and accuses him of using bad language. As the argument progresses, the woman becomes more and more disturbed – accusing the man of hitting her, when she is, in fact, the one physically assaulting him. The woman then appears to push the man, and then falls down screaming as though she has been hit, even though the man is holding his hands up in the air, well clear of the “victim.” Obviously upset and confused, the man shouts back and calls her a “psychopath” and threatens to call the police, which only seems to incite the woman further.


The cashier apparently catches on to the developing situation and quickly slips the man his refund – a good decision, as the woman then proceeds to physically push the customer out of the salon. The woman’s partner is seen on the video trying to resolve the situation, but he clearly takes the woman’s side, telling the other customer to “get the hell out of here”, and making no remarks on the woman’s strange behavior.


It is probably fair to assume that this particular customer is not going return to this hair salon anytime in the near future.