Conan Helps a Student Driver and Gets Comedic Reinforcements Along the Way
author by August 12th 2016 in Videos

Conan O’Brien has a lot of sketches involving himself riding around in cars, especially with people like Ice Cube and Kevin Hart. Conan O’Brien sometimes acts as a straight man in these sketches, with Ice Cube and Kevin Hart acting as the funny people who react to him. In this video, Conan O’Brien is helping out a student driver and Ice Cube and Kevin Hart join them during the ride.
During the ride, Conan O’Brien gives the student driver some comically bad driving advice, more or less training her to be an aggressive driver. The student is primarily acting as the straight man in this video. She appears to be playing herself, reacting as a normal person would in the situation. People who love both absurdist humor and humor that involves uncomfortable situations will really love watching Conan help a student driver like this. It should be a fan favorite for Conan O’Brien fans.