Bad Cheaters Getting Caught In The Act
author by July 6th 2016 in Pictures

Some people can be pretty stupid when it comes to cheating. It never ends well. People try to cover it up, but they always end up getting caught. Still, people try to do it all the time. Why, we may never understand. You know you are going to get caught! Then we are going to turn you into memes and the internet is just going to laugh at you. It will never turn out well so just do not do it. Anyway, here are some of the funniest cheaters we have seen recently. At least they made some good memes.


She has to tell the whole neighborhood that the reason she is moving out is because her husband cheated on her.


He’s been cheating for 4 years so i think what she did is more than fair.


She wants to know who Michelle is.


I would hate to drive around a truck that had “cheater” spray painted on it.


Sending a break up text to the wrong number.


Her friends boyfriend was at applebee’s with another girl.


Don’t talk about your affairs aloud or you will get caught.


Dear dave, tell your girlfriend that your wife and kids says hi.


Wife run off so he’s moving to a condo and selling all his stuff.


Hope she was worth it. (i’m going to say it wasn’t worth it)


Hey, honey! Guess who left his Facebook open and got a message from Kelsi?


He is a 41 year old who goes to the bad evert night and betrays his wife and two children.