Jimmy Kimmel’s Wife Helps Britney Spears and a Team of Male Dancers Break into His House to Prank Him
author by August 5th 2016 in Videos


Who doesn’t love a good prank? Watch Jimmy Kimmel’s wife help Britney Spears, a camera crew and a team of nearly nude male dancers break into his home in the middle of the night for a fun little prank. Kimmel is woken up in his own bedroom by the sounds of very loud music, a bright and lively strobe light display and Britney Spears herself, dancing and singing along to the music in his bed. Kimmel rolls over to discover that his wife is not alongside him and realizes that she is part of the prank’s orchestration. This hilarity follows an April Fools prank pulled by Rihanna a year ago, where she did something very similar in waking Jimmy from his sleep with her hit, “BBHMM,” lots of laughter and lights. As a huge prankster himself, Kimmel can’t help but laugh it off, hugs Spears and go back to bed shortly afterward.