10 Outrages Cartoons That Were Banned
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If you thought that cartoons have always provided the safest entertainment for children, think again. We present you a list of ten controversial cartoons that were so outrageous that they were banned right away.

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1. Computer Soldier Porygon – Pokémon

This infamous episode of the Pokémon series, upon its single airing in Japan on December 16, 1997, resulted in over 700 Japanese people experiencing vomiting, loss of consciousness and epileptic seizures. All this happened due to a four second scene in which Pikachu causes an explosion with alternate flashes of bright red and blue. This episode was never commercially released or rebroadcast, and even caused the show to go on hiatus for over four months. In fact, this event, dubbed as the Pokemon Shock created a Guinness World Record for the most epileptic seizures caused by a TV show.

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2. Dial M for Monkey: Barbequor – Dexter’s Laboratory

One of the earliest episodes of the show which parodied the Silver Surfer character from the Fantastic Four was banned for two reasons. Firstly, the Silver Spooner character from the show used too many homosexual stereotypes which offended many viewers. The second reason is that a Justice Friends character named Krunk (a parody of the Incredible Hulk) binge drank until he began to vomit.


3. Buffalo Gals – Cow and Chicken

One episode of the show that aired in 1998 told the story of a group of biker chicks filled with lesbian innuendos. In a softball match, the group constantly talks of pitching and catching, making a direct reference to sex. This, in no way, is acceptable for children.

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4. Popetown

This British adult animated sitcom tells the story of a mentally immature Pope and his handler, Father Nicholas. Not even one episode of the show was ever broadcast by BBC. The Catholic Church heavily protested the show’s depiction of corruption, greed and sex in a religious setting. Apart from being banned, the production house was fined.

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5. Tiny Toon Adventures – One Beer

Tiny Toons, which featured the younger version of Buggs Bunny and other cartoon characters, ran from 1990 to 1995. In one of its episodes, the under-age toons Buster, Hamton and Plucky find a beer, get wasted and steal a car. They drive recklessly, fall off a cliff and die.


6. South of the south

This 1946 animated musical film by Disney is set in post-Civil War south. It depicts the slaves happily working on a plantation in Georgia with an idyllic master-slave relationship. Despite its famous soundtrack and Academy Award recognition, the film received massive criticism for its racism.


7. Jungle Jitters

This eight-minute animated film released by Warner Brothers is set in an African village. It depicts black characters in a humiliating manner with big lips and cannibalism. Add in some offensive Asian accents and a white king, and you are witnessing the prime of animated bigotry.


8. ha! ha! ha!

In this 1934 animated short featuring Betty Boop, a clown gets a toothache and she tries to perform an amateur dental surgery, but fails. As if that isn’t offensive enough, she tries to ease his pain by using laughing gas resulting in both of them laughing hysterically. The gas then spreads through the window and causes every person and even inanimate objects in the town to laugh hysterically.


9. The Simpsons

This entire program was banned in 2008 in more than twenty countries which felt that the show promoted cruelty, violence, mayhem, pornography, physical and ethical suffering invoking panic and terror in children.


10. Family Guys – Partial Terms of Endearment

In the final episode of the 8th season, Lois becomes a surrogate mother for a friend, but she and her husband decide to get an abortion when the friend dies in an accident. The episode is extremely dark and was banned in the US and many other countries.


So, next time your kids are watching a cartoon, keep an eye on it because it might get banned.